Tạo HMAC Sha3-384 Online

Tạo hmac với thuật toán SHA3-384

Enter the Plain or Cipher Text to convert to hash mac (HMAC) SHA3-384
HMAC (Hash-Based Message Authentication Codes) Definition. This tool uses hmac hash code generation using SHA3-384 encryption algorithm.
Most popular programming languages support generating HMAC hashes using the SHA3-384 algorithm. Using it in programming is also quite simple and easy.

HMAC SHA3-384 in PHP

PHP convert string to HMAC SHA3-384.
hash_hmac function in Php.net

function hmac_sha3_384_generator_php($input,$key) {
  return hash_hmac("sha3-384", $input, $key, false);
echo hmac_sha3_384_generator_php("https://vi.sita.app/hmac-sha3-384-generator","5531a5834816222280f20d1ef9e95f69");
//output aec2591a6f5818823c044dae50cd96bb94b71b8f8327c64d622a09eb80d5475f8c587214cd3f38481b77fd5d8a20c658