Tạo HMAC Tiger128,3 Online

Tạo hmac với thuật toán TIGER128,3

Enter the Plain or Cipher Text to convert to hash mac (HMAC) TIGER128,3
HMAC (Hash-Based Message Authentication Codes) Definition. This tool uses hmac hash code generation using TIGER128,3 encryption algorithm.
Most popular programming languages support generating HMAC hashes using the TIGER128,3 algorithm. Using it in programming is also quite simple and easy.


PHP convert string to HMAC TIGER128,3.
hash_hmac function in Php.net

function hmac_tiger128_3_generator_php($input,$key) {
  return hash_hmac("tiger128,3", $input, $key, false);
echo hmac_tiger128_3_generator_php("https://vi.sita.app/hmac-tiger128,3-generator","5531a5834816222280f20d1ef9e95f69");
//output eb03ff277146f94c388e9713778e0106